Wzatco promise is our unwavering commitment to our customers when they purchase a wzatco product.  Total customer support (TCM) is one of the 4 pillars of belief set forth as part of #wzatcopromise initiative. At wzatco, its not just about fixing customers problems but extending a trusted relationship. Our customers are our family and we believe in having a lifetime relationship. 

Daily dealing in support function, it’s easy to lose sight of the real reason as to what we do and why we do. Technology exists only to provide value to the people and processes articulates how we provide these services.

At wzatco’s TCM,  customer is in the center of the value system and most critical component.  Through use of processes and technology our aim is to provide convenience to our customers and at the same time help us create a governance model to track our internal processes and improve our offerings.

Total customer support is a 360 degree model in which our customers are safe guarded from any issues with the product they have. We have enabled technology to create easy access to customer requests, provide support through use of online medium (via whatsapp text or video call, online consultations, email and website support etc). At the same time our extensive courier tieups ensure easy pick up and drop facility to and from customers place in case of any needed repair. 

As an overarching governance model we have enablers and improvement processes in place. Technology enablers help our support team communicate with our customers and manage track of the issues. These enablers are our incident management tools via which customer can address their issues and communicate with our support team. At wzatco, we follow continual service improvement model. It’s our feedback model in which each and every issue we encounter from our customer is documented and analyzed for the root cause and appropriate action is taken either in the form of skill improvement, creating awareness, or creating fundamental changes in the product. Skill development model help us improve our knowledge and skillset needed to effectively provide total support and gain customer trust, however we are equally sensitive to our environment and believe that every action we take has an impact on our environment. We remain commitment in every action to be responsible for protecting our environment whether through saving energy, using renewable resources or collaboration.