WZATCO Alpha 2 Firmware

Steps to upgrade firmware of  WZATCO Alpha 2 (2022 model) – upload date 07.09.2022

  1. Download and extract the zip file and extract the contents of the firmware  (.bin and .jpg) file to root directory of your pendrive.
  2. Go to settings on Alpha 1 projector, navigate to Software update and select local update.
  3. Firmware found prompt will be seen if the firmware is loaded correctly in pendrive and inserted to projector
  4. Click okay to upgrade the firmware.
  5. After firmware is updated, the system will shut down and needs to be manually started.
  6. For any technical queries, please contact wzatco [email protected]
Alternate Method:

Insert the pendrive with the extracted firmware contents in the root directory. While the projector is in switched off state (but connected to power), press the power button and hold for 10 seconds, until the power button LED light starts blinking. The firmware progress bar will appear on the screen and the firmware update process will start. Please wait for 5 mins for the firmware process to complete.